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DIY Shape Sorting Game with Recycled Cardboard

DIY Shape Sorting Game with Recycled Cardboard

Keeping little ones entertained without screens can be a challenge at times. It is too easy to employ the tablet or phone when your kiddo needs some quiet time.
Shape sorting games can help strengthen your little one's hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving. This game also helps develop your child's vocabulary and increase their ability to identify not only the shapes, but also visually recognize the shape names too.
This simple shapes sorting game has been loads of fun for both my 5 year old, and my almost 2 year old toddler. It is educational and fun! We have included it in our "Crafty Green" series because we used 100% recycled paper, a plant based glue stick, upcycled cereal boxes and cardboard from a previously used shipping box.


Here is what you will need:

Glue Stick
(2) Empty cereal boxes
Large empty cardboard box (or) poster board
(36 sets) Self adhesive hook and loop fastener dots 
(2 copies) Free Printable Shapes Download HERE


  1. Download the PDF file above. Print 2 copies.
  2. Cut out all shapes. 
  3. Separate shapes into 2 piles with one of each shape in each pile.
  4. Arrange one pile of shapes on large box. Once you are happy with the arrangement of the shapes, apply glue to attach each shape. NOTE: Be sure to apply glue all the way to the edge to prevent ripping when removing matched shapes later.
  5. Locate the side seams of the cereal boxes. Carefully open the boxes along the seams. 
  6. Arrange and glue the shapes from the second pile on the inside of the cereal boxes allow to dry. NOTE: Be sure to apply glue all the way to the edge to prevent ripping when removing matched shapes later.
  7. Cut out glued shapes from the cereal boxes.
  8. Attach (2) sets of hook and loop fastening dots to each shape being careful to avoid placing them over the shape names.
  9. Allow to completely dry before use. 

NOTE: When arranging the dots, try to have the SOFT side of the hook and loop fasteners on the shapes that your little one will be holding and the ROUGH dots on the shapes on the large box.


Game Play Ideas:

  • How many shapes have (this many) sides?
  • What shape is this? Where does it go?
  • How many shapes starts with the letter (choose a letter)?
  • Which shapes have 2 corners?
  • Can you find any shapes that have no corners?
  • What can you think of that is (this shape) too?
  • Which shape has the most sides?
  • Which shape has the least sides?
  • Which shape has the longest name?
  • Which shape(s) has the shortest name?



Did you try this project? Let us know how it turned out! Leave a comment with any game suggestions or tips we may have missed.

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