About Us

Everyone’s journey to lower waste is different. Many times, the first steps along these journeys are hard to pinpoint to any specific “this is the moment it began.”

Like many others, my low waste adventure began without me really noticing. It may have originally stemmed from an interest in being more financially responsible as a young adult. I was living from paycheck to paycheck and wanted to find ways to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Early on, I found that buying things secondhand saved a significant amount of money, without sacrificing quality. Thrift store shopping has become an adventure for me. I look forward to my regular “treasure hunts.”

Even as a kid, I have loved flexing my imagination and creativity muscles through arts and crafts.  As an adult, I found myself looking at items in thrift stores, not only for their originally designed purpose, but for their potential other uses.

Before I was even aware of the term “Upcycle,” I had crafted, refinished, repurposed, and given new life to many things. One of my favorites was this vanity.


My love of learning, crafting, and repurposing naturally drew me to learn more about Self Sufficiency, Homesteading, and DIY projects.

Another significant step in my journey was the mindset shift of looking for reusable options for regularly used items rather than consistently replacing disposable products. It just made more sense to buy (or make) one thing that would last instead of using things one time and then having it be waste.

I feel like it was probably around this point where I was first introduced to the Zero Waste movement. Everything that I learned about it just seemed to click and align so well with my values and priorities.

Up until then, I hadn’t been aware of all the flaws in the Recycling System or the existence of microplastics. I naively thought all plastics were created equal, and when I put anything plastic in the recycle bin, it would be magically made into new plastic items.

After doing a deep dive into the world of Zero Waste and the 6R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Repair & Rot). I was shocked to find out just how imperfect our waste system really is. I knew that I wanted to do what I could to make my personal impact as light as possible. Now I was on my “Official Zero Waste Adventure.”

In my search for low waste swaps, I encountered a lot of green washing. It was clear to me that with society’s increased interest in environmental awareness and sustainability a lot of brands were using misleading Eco-Friendly buzz words to get more sales.

With so much green washing in the market, I wanted to have a trusted place to find quality, truly sustainable, transparently honest, cruelty free brands. Having little ones, I also noticed that finding low waste products and tips for parents aren’t as easy to come by. This is where the idea for Green Distributors began.

Since Green Distributors was established in 2019, we have continued to learn and grow. Our mission is to provide a helpful resource for people along their Zero Waste, Eco Minimalist, Low Impact journeys.

Our I Heart Green Blog is for community topics including Upcycling, Crafting, Resource Conservation, and fun ways to involve kids in environmental activities.