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ATH Reusables

Reusable Bread Bag Cotton

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Store your fresh bread on the countertop or in the freezer with our eco friendly, plastic free reusable bread bags.

There are only a few aromas that are as inviting and comforting as the smell of baking bread. Whether you are someone who enjoys the feeling of your hands in the dough, you enjoy the convenience of a bread maker, or if you would rather support a local bakery, one thing all bread lovers need is a way to keep their golden-crusted loaf fresh and tasty for as long as possible.

Bread is at its absolute best within the first few hours after baking. If you know that you will not be able to enjoy the whole loaf before it becomes stale, a great way to preserve it longer is wrapping it in a fabric bag and popping it in the freezer once it has cooled.

HOT TIP: Slicing the loaf before freezing can allow you to defrost a few slices at a time, extending the freshness of the rest of the loaf.

Another great effective way to preserve the savory goodness of your loaf is to store it in a breathable fabric drawstring bag. Single-use plastic bags that most breads usually come packaged in can trap moisture inside, creating the ideal environment for mold to grow. The breathability of fabric bags allow moisture to evaporate naturally, while the drawstring keeps too much air from getting in and drying the loaf out.

HOT TIP: Since refrigerators are designed to keep moisture levels low, storing bread in your fridge can make it dry out faster.

ATH Reusable handcrafted fabric bread bags are lovingly made with sustainability in mind. All the fabrics that we use with our bread bags are upcycled and either 100% Cotton or 100% Linen. With the helpful Jute or Cotton drawstring, our bread bags are all-natural and compost friendly after its long life.

You can feel good knowing that you are helping the environment by lowering your overall waste. These waste-reducing bread bags come in a variety of sizes you are sure to find the right bag to meet all of your baked good’s needs.

  • Small 10 x 13" / 25 x 33 cm
  • Medium 12 x 14" / 30 x 35 cm
  • Large 14 x 16" / 35 x 40 cm
  • Baguette 6.5 x 26" / 16 x 66 cm


  • All-Natural materials
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Reduces waste, lowering your overall footprint
  • Plastic free, no plastic footprint involved
  • Material: Upcycled 100% Cotton
  • Drawstring: Jute or Cotton Rope
  • Supports local bakeries
  • Supports self-sufficiency and home-bakers
  • Supports a woman owned, small business
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable fabric allow moisture to evaporate naturally avoiding mold growth and soggy bread
  • Drawstring closure helps prevent bread from drying out prematurely
  • Freezer safe
  • Additional use: holding bulk dry food goods such as pasta, beans, rice, nuts, and oats
  • Additional use: handy extra laundry bag for keeping small items contained in washer
  • Gift giving - Creative and useful added touch for home-baked gifts for family and friends



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