Zero Waste Stickers

What is a Release Liner?

You probably know it as the paper on the back of stickers that keeps them from attaching to everything it touches. While they are very useful for keeping your stickers sticky until you are ready to stick them on something, traditional release liners are silicone coated and are very difficult to recycle.

Release liners can be found on many items such as medical supplies, feminine products, labels, stickers and band-aids. Since they are so difficult to recycle, the vast majority of these liners end up in the landfill.


Zero Waste Label Release Liner

EcoEnclose has developed a patent-protected, 100% post-consumer recycled and 100% curbside recyclable Zero Waste label release liner!

These amazing labels are as versatile as they are sustainable. Their Zero Waste shipping labels can keep your recyclable packaging eco friendly curbside recyclable without needing to remove any glossy silicone coated labels.


Zero Waste Stickers

All the stickers that we make at Green Distributors are printed with EcoEnclose Zero Waste release liners. Even the adhesive on these innovative sticker sheets are compatible with curbside recycling! 


Save Green by Choosing Green

As an EcoAlly, we are able to share the love our customers. If you are interested in trying EcoEnclose Zero Waste release liner sticker sheets or shipping labels, you will be rewarded with $20 off your order by going here.


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